What is a waist trainer?

A Waist Trainer is an important gear (same with weights in gym) which can help you to create hourglass waistline, lose weight or just tone up your waist in a easier, faster and more effective way. Most importantly waist trainers are safe to use.

Our Research and Development Department is constantly researching on new material and new technology to create most advanced waist training products to help people lose weight, tone up stomach and also release back pain.

Why use our waist training products?

High Tech Fabric - Patented and scientifically proven to burn fat while you wearing it.

Safe To Use - All of our waist training fabrics have been lab tested to be 100% safe to use.

Weight Loss and Tone up - Waist Trainers can compress the stomach in order to suppress hunger and lose weight eventually due to less food consumption each meal. There are a lot of us spending a lot of time in Gym with little result. Waist Trainers are a necessary gym gear to create the curve you always wanted easier and faster. Our waist trainers can burn fat automatically by its special made material and because it is tight, it actually help you to feel less hungry and eat less without even noticing it by yourself. Loss weight became a easy task compare with life without a waist trainer.

Back Pain or Prevent Back Pain by Correct Posture - Scientifically proven Waist Trainers can correct posture, give more support to the back and increase the blood circulation in order to reduce to back pain. It is scientifically proven by our R&D Lab as well as after product launches so many positive feedback on relief back pain by using our Waist Trainers.

Too Busy To Do Any Exercises? Waist Training has the quick and easy solution for you that you do not need to do exercises at all. Ourwaist training products with its specialty in hi-tech fabrics. For the very first time, change your diet is not a must to weight loss and waist training or body toning any more. It became a bonus to ensure your result even faster if you can do some exercises or change to healthy diet.

Generous Return & Exchange Policy to make sure if you've purchased the wrong size or wrong item, you still have a chance to correct your mistake as long as the item is unworn.

45 Days Warranty - All items comes with a 45 days warranty from the date the parcel is received. (As waist training products have a lot more use-hour per day compare with normal garment, it could include time in bed which extend to almost 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So industry standard on waist training products warranty is 45 Days).If your waist trainer is broken due to faulty within one year time, we are happy to repair it for you with free cost on repair but customer needs to pay for both way postage.

key to the best Waist Training results:

Waist Training Plan - Please be in touch with our Waist Training Specialist to draft your plan and follow the plan religiously.

No Substitute or Replacement of our Waist Training Products with any other brands or what you already have because as we all know our waist trainers has different Fabric which could look the same from outside but it is not actually exactly the same.

Try NOT to choose items based on the look of the products, try to choose the most suitable products with your goal in mind.

It would be a great bonus if you can change to more healthy diet and exercise. But it is NOT a must to use our waist training Products. It would certainly help on your speed to success.